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Robert and Waunita Witmer are avid hikers, trail cyclists, and nature lovers. They both grew up on scenic Ohio vegetable and dairy farms where Robert learned mechanics, construction, and equipment design and repair. Following college, he directed several non-profit agencies for thirty-five years and developed a passion to create low-cost, innovative products to solve pesky daily problems. He is the original inventor of the polypropylene beach umbrella sand anchor, the all-weather rain protective flap for rural delivery newspaper boxes, and a variety of nut butter mixers to stir separated oils. Waunita has assisted the family-owned business since 1995 by coordinating sales, customer relations, and office management. Their three grown children provide regular assistance to the business by utilizing their collective skills and experiences.
It is the desire of the Witmer company to continue providing innovative, affordable consumer items made in the USA that help address common problems with simple solutions. We enjoy hearing about your experiences with our products.
Some Customer Comments

"I was so happy with my peanut butter stirrer that I have to send one to a friend. (If only we could solve all the world's problems so easily)!" Honolulu, Hawaii

"I just discovered one of your mixers at a friend's house. For years I have been mixing non-hydrogenated PB by first scraping the contents into a large bowl then whipping it with a large metal spoon, then scraping the mixer PB back into the jar. God bless whoever invented and had the gumption to market this product."

"In my household we'd be lost without your mixer!"

"The way I usually stir peanut butter is ruining my shirts according to my wife, so this product just might save my marriage, if not my life...."

"OMG! You have SAVED ME! I love natural PB and kill my arthritic hand and wrist trying to mix it up with an ice-tea spoon! Now I am going to go home and measure my jars and get you an order for one!" Montclair, NJ

"Just received my #400 Peanut Butter Mixer in the mail...Holy crap!! What a great concept...best invention since beer in a can!" San Diego, CA.

"I am responding to let you know that this product was something I was looking for to protect our newspaper from the weather elements. In our neighborhood I saw another one that was on a box and thought it to be a good idea. We went to the nearest store looking for such a product and found none, my husband googled it and your website popped up. It was made in America, reasonably priced, and shipped quickly. My husband installed it and it is perfect! I thank you for speedy delivery and a well-made product. I would definitely recommend this product."

"Fire.......Wheel......Ipod......Crank Mixer. Love it!"

"I ordered the peanut butter hand mixer a few weeks ago and please let me tell you that I feel as if I've gotten my life back! What an absolutely brilliant contraption - I love it! Whereas I used to waste many hours diddling around, jabbing a knife into the jar and making useless attempts to get the oil mixed in properly, I had this mixed perfectly in seconds! Feel free to use my comments as a testimonial. Of course, the newly found free time suddenly allotted to me ends up being used for moronic things like washing the dishes or whatever, but, hey-free time is free time, right?"

"Hello, got ours yesterday and used it today. Works great! I don't have to get the battery drill out and the small paint mixer attached to mix our natural peanut butter - appreciate it. Thanks"

"Congratulations to whomever on your staff invented the peanut butter mixer! It's the best thing since sliced bread! It's quick, effective, and not messy. It's the first time ever I actually got all the oil in the peanut butter and not on the counter."

"Hello, just to let you know. This mixer is the coolest item I have ever used. Witmer products are great inventions. Thank you!"

"We received our mixer a couple of days ago and I really do believe you about these being so well made. We really are impressed with the thinking that went into these mixers. Congratulations. I am eating more and more PB now, trying to run out of our last 36 oz. jar so we can get another one and try our new mixer. It's PB on toast for breakfast, PB and jelly sandwich for lunch, and PB spread on steak or a fish fillet for dinner. I'm getting there, and then we try the mixer. I am really anxious."

"I wanted to tell you that we finally got the chance to use our new PB mixer on a very large jar of Adams PB and the mixer worked slicker than Vaseline on a doorknob. It was great to finally be able to stir the large jars without the feeling like having just run the Marine Corps obstacle course at boot camp. You are now one of our Heroes." Wilsonville, OR

"Just wanted to let you know how 'happy, happy, happy' we are to have found your website. We have been plagued for over a year with Marcellus Shale drilling traffic on what used to be our graveled road. We've had to deal with so much dust and mud that has covered our paper box inside and out. This Paperguard is exactly what I've been looking for."

"After reading about your peanut butter mixer in Cook's Illustrated magazine I decided to order one. Your product gets rave reviews from us. My husband has Parkinson's disease and has found stirring the oil in natural peanut butter extremely difficult. With your mixer it's been a breeze. It's well made and easy to use and clean. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others."

"Doing the happy dance! Yes, we use Whole Foods 365! Off to order the mixer now!"

"We are delighted with our peanut butter mixer! It was a wonderful stocking stuffer for my husband, who always made sure he used up all but the last spoonful of peanut butter so he would never have to get a new jar and stir it. With his new peanut butter mixer, he makes sure he is the one who has to break out a new jar. Great product - we'll spread the word." Porterville, Ca.

"Thanks for sending us the mixer. We were visiting Tucson when we found one of these and were pretty-excited. We've been using Adams for a long time, and I always dreaded the new jar. I was thrilled to find you online and able to order the mixer for the larger size lid." Barrow, Alaska

"I recently bought your Peanut Butter mixer and I must say it is such a joy to use! Mixing peanut butter has never been easier. No mess, no oil dripping down the jar and on my hands. Amazing! Sure, mixing peanut butter is but a small part of my life, but the experience is now one less hassle. Many thanks!" Rhode Island

"Would you please tell me how I can buy more peanut butter mixers. Friends usually laugh at my gadgets, but they were very impressed with my peanut butter mixer. I'd like to get a few for gifts." New Hartford, NY

"This little gadget is about the cleverest kitchen helper I've seen in years!" Pocomoke City, MD

"I'm pleased to see that someone takes the time to produce a product that lives up to its advertising. The device fits the Smucker jars perfectly, it is easy to use, it works great, and it's a snap to clean. What more could you ask for???" Virginia Beach, VA

"I have been stirring Laura Scudders with a fork since the product came on the market. I am now 70 years old and willing to change my ways. Please send me an order form before it's too late!" Phoenix, AZ

"I am a registered dietitian and regularly recommend natural peanut butter to my clients, but they complain about the oil on top. My son found your hand mixer and I've used it and think it's wonderful. I would like to give to my clients." Beverly Hills, CA

"Just wanted to tell you the PB Mixer worked great...I love it." Thanks for making it. Elkhart, IN

"I can't wait to receive this product. I'm so sick of forearm cramps from getting the entire jar of peanut butter the same consistency! I'm elated that someone finally thought of us healthy peanut butter eaters and our tired hands." Ithaca, NY

"Thank you for making a peanut butter mixer I received as a gift. Please send me the price so I can order so a couple of my friends can enjoy this magical invention." Albemarle, NC

"I'm going to go to your site and buy a PB mixer. I'm so glad you do all the work in Ohio. I've been trying so hard to buy products made in the United States and it can be a challenge. I'm elated to see a family-owned company doing business here!" Dearborn, MI

"I just used my Model 100 mixer and I love it. I cannot believe what a difference it makes! I'll tell every natural peanut butter eater I know. Good job!" Naugatuck, CT

"I am a 76 years-old man and have been fighting the stirring of natural peanut butter all my life. It is so easy with your hand mixers that even with my arthritis I can do it without pain. I wish I had found your ad sooner. I'll pass your website on to friends." Surprise, AZ

"Your mixer is the best thing to come along since sliced bread, to spread the PB on!" Key West, FLA

"Thank you so much for the Old Fashioned PB mixer. I have the Model 700 for the large size Adams natural peanut butter. It works so great, and I don't have a mess everywhere. What a slick product this is and very easy to use." Salem, OR

"I have a Grandpa Witmer's PB mixer that I use constantly and just love it. I would like to get three mixers to give my grandchildren who are going away to college and will be fixing their own meals and eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches." Bellevue, WA

"Just received my PB mixer. I really was a little skeptical as we had been struggling for years mixing our peanut butter, and I wasn't sure this would really work. But it works beautifully!" Denton, TX

"I read about your pb mixer in Mother Earth News, and I think it may be the only kitchen gadget I'll ever need to buy! What a great idea!" Patrick Springs, VA

"A few weeks ago, I ordered a mixer and I love it! A friend of mine was lusting over it so I'd like to order one for her." Zanesville, OH

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